Springs Baptist Academy

Springs Baptist Academy started in 1977 under the guidance of Dr. Dean Miller and the Cornerstone Baptist Church.  Through the years, our school has sought to develop a Christian mindset in the lives of the young people who have walked through our doors.

As an alternative to the progressively humanistic teachings pervading our public schools, Springs Baptist Academy seeks to instill a godly, Biblical worldview in our students that teaches them to think after their Creator, to love like their Saviour, and to pursue their God-given talents to the fullest.

Although we are a small school, we seek to give the best education to our students in a safe and nurturing setting. To that end, we seek to provide qualified and capable teachers who have the best interest of every student at heart and a proven curriculum that challenges and inspires students to learn more of the world around them.  Learn more about our teachers here and our curriculum here.