Philosophy & Core Values

...Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”
— I Corinthians 10:31

Springs Baptist Academy strives to maintain a high academic standard.  We believe every student has unique gifts and talents that God has endowed them with and we work diligently to develop those to their highest capacity.  Our philosophy of education is summed up in one word - Excellence.  

We seek to prepare each student to be excellent in all areas.  That includes not only their academic acumen, but the character and skills that make up what each student ultimately becomes.  The foundational document we adhere to is the Bible, because we believe the words of the Bible to be true when it says, "the entrance of thy words giveth light" and again "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."

Our philosophy can be explained five core values.

Recognition of God's Truth in our lives

We believe the King James Bible to be the final authority for the believer and the complete revelation of God to man.  Every decision we make should be in accordance with the Word of God and we hold both staff and students to be bound by its dictates.

Active faith in every area of our lives

As Christians, faith should occupy a large part of our lives.  We encourage every student to actively live out his faith in his church, family, friends, and community by sharing the Gospel and showing the attributes of the Holy Spirit as commanded by God.

Inspire a practical and intellectual grasp of learning

Learning is a lifelong pursuit.  It is our desire to inspire students to continue learning no matter where their lives lead them, to understand the world around them, and to mature in every area as they seek God through their life.

Shape the values of tomorrow's leaders

We have the amazing opportunity and responsibility to shape the values of tomorrow's leaders.  We seek to partner with the home to develop the core beliefs that will lead to success, as defined by the Bible.

Engage in servant leadership

It is the duty of Christians to follow Christ.  As our supreme example, He teaches us to lead by serving.  We seek to instill the attributes that Christ exhibited in His earthly ministry, such as humility, compassion, discernment, righteousness, and courage.


At Springs Baptist Academy, we believe every student has the opportunity to excel.  We use the A Beka curriculum because we believe it gives the right balance of instruction and expectation.  It is a curriculum that will challenge children, while allowing them to better understand God's world and their role in it.

We meet every student at his or her individual level while encouraging them to strive for the mastery of their subjects.  A student who successfully engages the courses will not only gain a competence in each subject, but will also develop valuable character skills.

Although we don't expect every student to have A's in every subject, we do expect students to perform at their best in every area, giving diligence to those things that matter throughout life.  Our grading scale and expectations demand an attitude of excellence from our students, and prior alumni of our school have done well in many different post-secondary environments.