We're at it Again!  Walk-A-Thon is Here for 2018!

Our annual Walk-A-Thon is coming up next month on April 19th.  If you have never heard of a Walk-A-Thon, we want you to know that it's a fun way for our students and staff to raise much needed funds for school improvements.  We are going to walk three miles down the beautiful Monument Valley Trail in downtown Colorado Springs.  For each mile that our students walk, they will raise money from pledges they have gotten from generous sponsors like yourself. 

In the past, we have raised money for playground equipment, computers, books, and security improvements.  This year, we're asking everyone to get on board with us and help us raise money for classroom improvements that will benefit the education of all of our students. 

You can help out by clicking the "Donate Now" button right below here and pledging an amount on behalf of one of our students.  If you don't know who to pledge toward, just mark "SBA" in the pledge box.  Your help is appreciated greatly.

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