What does it take to be a student at SBA?

Since Springs Baptist Academy is a Christian school, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience an education that centers on the teaching of the truths of God's Word.  We also believe that anyone can succeed in our school, provided the proper effort be put forth.  So what does it take to be a student at SBA?

  1. It takes a desire to excel. Our teachers work hard to provide a quality classroom environment and each student has to have a drive to excel in every area of life. Our focus is to help mold a child into an adult that will strive to excel in life.

  2. It takes passion. Passion is what creates that desire in the first place. Our teachers don't simply instruct and impart knowledge, they expect their students to think on their own, to engage in discourses, and to use wisdom to discern among choices that may be presented to them. A student with passion fuels the desire to achieve those goals.

  3. It takes character. The Bible has much to say about the character of a person. We believe that a student who develops godly character will be able to bridle the passion inside and channel it to achieve great things in life.

  4. It takes a yearning to know God. God is our Creator and Saviour. We want every student to know God and to have a powerful relationship with Him. We don't just teach about God, we show our students how to know Him and we believe every student can have a life-changing relationship with Him.

How you can be a Cougar

Attending SBA is a privilege, not a right.  Although we want everyone to experience a good Christian education, we understand that isn't the case for every person.  Because this is a Christian environment, we have practices and rules to promote good and discourage wrong.  We ask that every parent and child read and agree with our statement of faith while attending SBA as well as the student pledge and code of conduct.

If you believe you have what it takes to be an SBA Cougar, fill out the enrollment application or contact the school office at 719.593.7887 to schedule an appointment with the administration.