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What IF...

We could help more children enjoy a Christian education without sacrificing the quality of education they could receive.

The truth is, Christian education costs money, and a good education costs a lot.  The average cost of a privately funded K4-12 Christian education in Colorado Springs is approximately $4,000 per year, per student.  For a family of four, that works out to $16,000 a year.  It's no wonder that parents who want to put their children in a Christian school often find themselves making difficult choices when it comes to finances.  For some families, this price is completely unaffordable no matter what choices or effort they make.

For us here at Springs Baptist Academy, this is unacceptable.  Educating the next generation isn't about working a for-profit business model.  It's about ensuring that every child receives a quality education with a godly, Biblical worldview.  Our desire is to train as many young people as possible in a good Christian environment. 

HERe's How you can help...

Would you take a moment to consider helping us meet this goal?  We have partnered with to help us make tuition more affordable for every person who comes through the halls of our school.  We don't ever want to turn a person away because of their financial need, and by going to and signing up as a partner with us, you can help us. 

Simply go to the login/signup page and create a new account.  From there, it will walk you through the steps of enrolling your preferred method of roundup and payment with your bank or credit card, including how much you want to roundup and what cards you would like to use.  The process has been secured and encrypted for your peace of mind.  If you have any questions about it, you can find that information on the front page of

Once you're enrolled, you'll be able to see how much you're giving through your transactions.  Every quarter, we'll send you a report detailing your gifts to the school, and every year, you'll receive an annual donor statement for your tax purposes.

It's Simple to do.  It's easy to give. and, you'll be helping more children enjoy a Christian education.